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Allen Education Center

Since 2001, the Allen Education Center has helped over 2,100 students succeed in the classroom with the philosophy: 

"Every Child Deserves To Feel Success"

Adult Students

Initial Testing Session 

Through diagnostic and skills testing we determine each child's specific academic needs and immediate areas of focus.

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About Us

Since opening in 2001, the Allen Education Center has helped over 2,100 students from pre-K to 12th grade succeed in all areas of reading, writing, and Math. When we say success, we mean academically, socially, and emotionally. As teachers, we fully understand that it is essential that we make a connection with each of our students, and that each of our students see that they will be valued when they walk through our doors.


Carmine and Lisa Istvan, parents

"We first brought in our daughter Elyse because she was having some difficulty reading in her first grade classroom. Through the instruction she received at the Allen Education Center, she improved 11 reading levels and was placed into a higher reading group."

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