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"We first brought in our daughter Elyse because she was having some difficulty reading in her first grade classroom. Through the instruction she received at the Allen Education Center, she improved 11 reading levels and was placed into a higher reading group."

Carmine and Lisa Istvan, parents

"My son Joshua started with the Allen Education Center at the end of a very difficult 3rd grade year. As a result of his inability to understand the work and move forward, Joshua became depressed and angry...Within a short period of time after beginning the 4th grade Josh was again academically secure with his grades. His grades and attitude continued to improve...Watching this transformation in my son was a truly wonderful experience. I cannot begin to explain what a positive impact this had on our family life."

Candy Reed, parent

"We originally enrolled our daughter in the Allen Education Center for help in Math. Math was an everyday struggle. We were very impressed with the upbeat environment. The staff was approachable, friendly, professional, and all for the child. We started to notice improvements in her Math skills...and her elementary Math teacher commented on it several times. Not only did her Math skills increase and come up to grade level, but we noticed a change in her self-confidence. She was eager to raise her hand, to share a thought or answer, and when other kids in her class faced struggles, she was able to offer her help and knowledge to them."

Eileen Fossati, parent

"My daughter has been tutored in high school Math at the Allen Education Center for more than two years. Her Math grades have gone up, which have helped to improve her overall GPA, and she has made the honor roll for the past several quarters...More than just a tutoring service, the staff at the Allen Education Center are kind, caring and very accommodating to our busy schedules...I strongly recommend this place for other families looking for a reasonably priced tutoring school with a pleasant atmosphere and proficient teachers. Thank you, Mr. Allen, for your dedication!"

Trinidad McPhun, parent

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