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Our Services

Initial Diagnostic and Skills Testing

Through our initial diagnostic and skills testing session we are able to determine the specific skill gaps that are preventing your child from achieving success in his or her schoolwork. If a student is currently reading below grade level, they will have difficulty in the areas of their schoolwork involving reading. Perhaps the student has no difficulty in reading the words on the page, but they have difficulty understanding and remembering what they read. This would be an issue with reading comprehension. If a student does not know their multiplication facts that would explain why they can't complete long multiplication problems. Sometimes children don't have any skill gaps, but they need assistance with their daily schoolwork. Whatever academic situation your child is currently facing, our testing session will give a sense of clarity and quantifiable data regarding your child's specific strengths and weaknesses.

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Individualized Curriculum

Based on the results of the Initial Testing session and discussions with the parents, we develop an individualized curriculum tailored to each student's specific academic needs. A student's area of focus could be any of the following: getting their current reading level up to grade level, filling in the foundational skills the student needs to be able to complete their current schoolwork, or providing a combination of skills instruction and homework support. The primary focus for many of our junior high and high school students is homework support.


Personalized Reward System

One of the best features of the Allen Education Center, at least from the perspective of our students, is our Personalized Rewards System. After the student completes the testing session and we have had the conference to discuss the results, each student gets to select their own prize from the large prize wall. When the student earns enough points (usually in 6 weeks), they get to take their preselected prize home. Another prize is then selected and reserved, and the points start all over. For our older students we also offer gift cards to numerous places including Amazon and Target.

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2 to 1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Our staff of certified teachers are all skilled in creating a warm and caring environment that fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment in each of their students. Our teachers are all college graduates with education degrees from accredited universities. Each of our teachers complete extensive training and testing to ensure that they are well versed in the multi-sensory teaching methods and curriculum we use.


Online Tutoring

Operating on Zoom, we are able to tutor remotely for students and families who prefer that option.

Adult Students
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